Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Kate in Palestine

Blogging from Palestine—

Kate Ciluffo, who is active in our local Friends of Sabeel work, is spending two months in Beit Sahour, in a hospital residency with a local doctor, Dr. Marteweh. She is living with a pastor in the small Bedouin village of Shawaw'ah (in the picture). These towns are part of the Bethlehem district, just a few miles south of Jerusalem.

Her invitation:
I invite you to journey with me through intermittent posts and photos. I don't journey alone; I take each of you with me, your prayers, well wishes, and desires for justice carry me.

She began her blog as she left the US on January 9, so catch up on what she is seeing there:

Emergency Room, Beit Sahour Hospital, where Kate is working