Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Supporting Palestinians and fighting the occupation

Wondering what you can do to stand with Palestinians against Israel's never-ending occupation?

Here is one idea from Alternet
6 Things You Buy that Help Support Israeli Brutality
Buying products like SodaStream machines helps fuel Israel's control over Palestinians.

When tax time rolls around each year, every American citizen gives $21.59 in military aid to Israel, according to the U.S. Campaign to End the Occupation. But that’s not the only way American citizens contribute to the Israeli military, which has occupied Palestinian land for 46 years, and the West Bank settlement project that accompanies the occupation.

Consumers may not know it, but buying products like Sabra hummus and Sodastream helps fuel Israel’s military control over Palestinians. Some companies have factories located in one of the 125 officially recognized settlements in occupied Palestine, which are illegal under international law. Other companies contribute to the maintenance of an occupation through cooperation with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), whose main goal is to protect illegal settlements and exercise dominion over the lives of millions of Palestinians. Buying these products gives profits to companies who exploit Palestinian land and resources.

Here are six consumer products and companies that help keep the Israeli occupation rolling along.

Read about these companies and how they support the occupation. The companies are: SodaStream, Sabra Hummus, Tribe Hummus, Ahava, Hewlett Packard and Motorola.