Sunday, December 28, 2008

Gaza Crisis - words and pictures from inside Gaza

First - A short video showing life in Gaza today (actually, before the Israeli attacks), the reality of a Gaza cut off from the world, from food, fuel and even the humanitarian supplies necessitated by the failure of diplomatic efforts:

"Slouching Toward a Palestinian Holocaust", an article by American Jewish writer and diplomat, Richard Falk - an insightful (although long and involved) reflection, written in 2007, which sheds light on events in Gaza these past two days:

Another article by Sara Roy, to be published January 1 in the London Review of Books - summarizes the recent history of the blockade of Gaza and the roles of the U.S., Israel, the U.N. and others in the failure of the peace process:

All three of these resources provided by Sam Bahour in Ramallah, who publishes eNews about what is going on inside the Palestinian areas. To subscribe to his list, go to:

To subscribe to his listserve, send mail to:

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