Friday, January 8, 2010

Israeli Attacks on Gaza Continue -- International Protests Draw the World's Attention to Continuing Gaza Suffering

From Gaza, Thursday, January 7—Israeli attacks against residents of Gaza continue. Al-Jezeera reported yesterday on several Israeli F16s attacking areas of Gaza, and soldiers attacking Palestinian families in Hebron in the West Bank:,%20%20Attacks%20Raba'ey%20Palestinian%20family%20in%20Hebron.htm .

Over the past week, you may have seen news reports of two international efforts to draw the world’s attention to and support the people who are still suffering in Gaza. The Gaza Freedom March and the Viva Palestina aid convoy, planned for the end of December, both met with roadblocks from the Egyptian government, which blocked their entrance to Gaza through Egypt. Two updates:

• AAPER provides a good summary of what happened as more than 1300 international protesters (almost as many as were killed in the attack on Gaza a year ago) gathered in Cairo to make the trip across the desert to Gaza, and the Viva Palestina humanitarian aid convoy:¬oc=1

• A 6-minute video from the Free Gaza movement shows how people around the world demonstrated their concern for the suffering that continues in Gaza. The famous song you hear, "Va pensiero" by Giuseppe Verdi was first performed in 1842 when the Northern part of Italy was under the thumb of the Austrian empire, occupied as Palestine is today. It is a song about the plight of the Jews as they are assaulted, conquered, and subsequently exiled from their homeland by the Babylonian King Nabucco (Nebuchadnezzar). The song has become a plaintive cry for freedom for all occupied people and is dedicated to the Palestinian fight for justice, from the Occupied West Bank to besieged Gaza.

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