Thursday, January 27, 2011

More from Jamal in Beit Ummar

Jamal Mequbul writes from the Palestinian town of Beit Ummar (Ommar) in the West Bank. It's between Bethlehem and Hebron, in an area where Israeli settlements are closing in, taking more of their farmland. Jamal is a barber in the town, although now there are fewer customers because everyone is just struggling to stay alive. He is part of an Israeli-Palestinian group called Wounded Crossing Borders. He refers to this group in the first email.

We talk a lot about terrorism - it's become our excuse for most anything we want to do as a country. When I read Jamal's words, I realize that, rather than BEING at terrorist, this Palestinian is the VICTIM of terrorism. But since it's not a suicide bombing or planes crashing, we don't hear about this terrorism. (Photo shows Margee from our Compassionate Listening delegation and Jamal's wife Saddiye)

Tuesday, January 25

Thank you a lot and every one who concern and care a bout us ; your caring support us a lot , we hope your messeges to B'tselem and Dr Micheael Oren will help to end this difficult days, every day we're suffering from gas even the vegetables in our area taste and smell is gas, we can't move , yesterday three israeli's from our group were in a visit to our area , it was hard to let them come and see what is happening , they don't imagine and believe what I told them before but yesterday they saw the soldiers shooting a lot of gas and closing the road to my house , also I took them to visit the Mayer he is really a wonderful person , he told them many stories , the situation is unbelievable.

THE children finished their exams they're starting a holiday for 12 days, every family is so worry a bout there sons .
We're ready to welcome the Compassionate Listening Project any time, Are you be able to come with them?. They can coordinate by e.mail and phones.

Also on Tuesday:

The tru i live in very very difficult situation, i dont know how to start my day, every morning i wake up and i cant thinking, many Responsibilities many pressure, also i cant live or work Naturally, when Saddiye call me and ask me to go quickly to my home to help to care them, and i cant do any thing, also i cant use the road because the soldiers close it. other thing many from my town ask me to help because i am with peace group at the same time others ask me to leave the Israeli group also i lose most customers that mean I am not able to secure the expense also the UNRWA stooped the Aid for us before 3 years, they till me you are live out the camp, add to my health, some time i cant move my body, before 2 weeks when my brother Mohamad take me to hospital the doctor ask me to do ct skan for my back quickly, believe me i cant do it its Expensive for me. dear Mum pls you must know those Examples to understand more and more about my life, not only me most Palestinians like me, always i hope to tell you good news but this is what i have i so so sorry to bother you and the others. sometimes i think to leave this area.

All of us now sleep in the same room, my kids are so worry and fraid from the Israeli soldiers, may be the soldiers come at any moment to take Zain or Yazan, now we think to let them go to Jericho and live there in my friend house period of time. i am sure that you and the others nice friends pray to us.

big hugs to all

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