Friday, March 18, 2011

Space Available on the 2011 Holy Land Pilgrimage

Some improvements to the trip!
  • an upgrade to our hotel in Tiberias - Nofim Hotel, next to the Tiberias Hot Springs.
  • a discount of $80 on the Egypt portion - total cost from Denver is now $4350

Our tour guide, Pastor Paul Rowold, reports:

I have been in frequent contact with friends in Egypt and our guide there, Bishoy. They all give a picture of new joy among the Egyptian people and an optimism for a bright future. So much of the Egyptian economy is based on tourism that they are putting lavish efforts into the security, comfort, and enjoyment of every tourist who comes. Sites which have always been crowded in the past are waiting for people like us to tour them without congestion.

Please send your $300 deposit by April 1. We have extended the “refundable” clause, making it fully refundable until June 1, when the balance of the cost of the trip is due. If it is necessary to cancel the pilgrimage, we will refund everything we are able to get back from the airlines and tour companies, which should be at least 80% (and probably more) of the cost of the trip.

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