Sunday, November 18, 2012

From Gaza - Sunday, Nov 18

From the Free Gaza Movement----
Dr. Mona El-Farra, Director of Gaza Projects, is a physician by training and a human rights and women’s rights activist by practice in the occupied Gaza Strip. She was born in Khan Younis, Gaza and has dedicated herself to developing community based programs that aim to improve health quality and link health services with cultural and recreation services all over the Gaza Strip. Dr. El-Farra is also the Vice President of the Palestinian Red Crescent Society of the Gaza Strip and a member of the Union of Health Work Committees and is on Free Gaza's Advisory Council in Gaza. Below is her report from the horrors of Israel's attack last night. Please share her report widely, join a demonstration
and donate to the organizations who are helping.
November 18, 2012 i could not sleep , as the naval operation continued for more than 3 hours , against Gaza Beach  , and mainly south of the beach , as they try to search the wreckage of the destroyed  Israeli jet fighter many successive shelling non stop , i was awake, as were most people of the city
Good  to be in touch with friends on the Facebook, some comfort feeling that iam not completely alone feeling    unsafe and tense ,the power is on , 6 am decided to switch off and get some sleep then all of a sudden 4 large explosions in the center of the town bang bang bang and bangggggggggggggggggg
Gaza 6 15am Sunday
4 big explosions in the center of Gaza city, what is th , by f16 , hit the Saraya governmental compound that has been completely destroyed ,during the cast lead operation 2008, now it is empty land surrounded with residential building , crowded homes , what is the aim ?more than terrifying of the civilians and tens of homes have been partially damaged !
look i think the Israelis have lost their compass , and their mission in Gaza, is mission impossible ! great failure despite of our lives and property loss , we have nothing to lose but our you all and remember we are here to stay and steadfast we are occupied and freedom fighters , we are not victims we are on the path to freedom.
i have not slept for continuous 3 nights and days love you all

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